General questions (FAQ)

How many seats are available for this event?

The amphitheater of the MSH Paris Nord can host up to 150 people. The auditorium for concerts has a capacity of 300 seats.

Do you offer help for funding the travel to the event?

Unfortunately, we do not. We have limited funding to organize this event. Please, let us know that you would like some help and we will see if we can do something about it when we will wrap up everything :)

Do you have dedicated accomodations for people attending the event?

No, but we can recommend the Maison des Chercheurs which offers rooms at a very reasonable price and is located right to the MSH Paris Nord.

Will the event be streamed / recorded?

We will do our best to record what we can, both for conferences and performances. The same will be done for papers and presentations. We intend to upload all video and papers, when applicable, on Zenodo and TOPLAP for archival. Please, send us a message if you are searching for something that we forgot to archive.

Can I come to only one session/only the academic presentations/only the concerts?

Yes, of course. Your inscription gives you the right to attend the entire event, but you have no obligation to be present at everything.

Should I bring my laptop? Will there be any hand-on practice?

No, there will be no workshops during the academic sessions.

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