Diversity Statement

In the realm of creation and technology, the presence of people with diverse backgrounds fosters a nuanced approach to problem-solving and creativity. This study day is to be considered as a forum where the wealth of skills, cultures, and ideas among participants is not merely acknowledged, but esteemed. We affirm our dedication to creating a working environment where individuals, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, abilities, or background, can actively engage and contribute. Our view on that matter is that diversity and inclusion is essential for the well-being of everyone, researchers, artists and collaborators alike. By committing ourselves to greater inclusiveness, we also hope to contribute in shaping the future of our field of research by making it a reflection of the diverse and rich world we all inhabit.

We invite each participant to partake in the creation of an environment where everyone feels heard, valued, and empowered to share their expertise. We appreciate your presence in this academic discourse and look forward to a seminar that reflects the scholarly pursuit of excellence enriched by the diversity inherent in our community.

Ecology Statement

In our shared commitment to environmental sustainability, we strongly encourage all visitors, especially those traveling from within Europe, to consider eco-friendly transportation options such as trains or buses whenever feasible. Opting for these modes of travel significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with your journey.

If air travel is unavoidable, we urge you to consolidate your attendance to the seminar with other events or destinations to minimize the overall environmental impact. Efficiently bundling your trips not only reduces emissions but also aligns with our collective responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable world.

In addition to these considerations, we encourage you to extend your ecological mindfulness to your live coding practices. Reflect on the ecological/social impact of your software and code, and consider how we can collectively craft better tools for the future. Small changes in our coding habits can lead to significant positive outcomes for the environment. Let us leverage our skills to build a sustainable digital future.